9 Key Facts About the Relationship Between Los Angeles and China

Growing Together China and LA County Report 2014

Reuters: Shanghai from above

Reuters: Shanghai from above

From Growing Together 

1. Investment into Los Angeles County from China has doubled over the past 5 years, with China becoming one of Los Angeles County’s top investors.

2. China and Los Angeles County continue to increase business and commercial ties and the opportunities for Los Angeles.

3. Tourism has nearly quadrupled over the past four years alone, from 158,000 Chinese tourists in 2009 to 570,000 in 2013, making China the top overseas market for Los Angeles tourism.

 4. Los Angeles is America’s top international trade gateway to China and China’s top gateway to the U.S., handling nearly 45% of trade between the two countries.

 5. China is the Los Angeles Customs District’s (LACD’s) #1 partner in international trade, accounting for nearly 60% of all activity at the San Pedro Bay ports.

 6. LACD exports to China have increased from $23 billion in 2009 to $35 billion in 2013 – less waste and scrap and more consumer and knowledge-intensive goods.

7. Los Angeles County has the largest Chinese population of any county in the nation, and has grown from 360,000 in 2008 to 413,000 in 2012.

 8. Los Angeles County has the largest number of Chinese students of any county in the nation, increasing from roughly 3,000 Chinese students studying in local universities in 2009 to roughly 10,000 in 2013.

9. Strong cultural and network ties are the foundation of the relationship. Future business prospects may be found in clean tech, entertainment, aerospace, e-commerce, real estate/property development, tourism, logistics and electronics. 

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